Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Launceston Town Council meeting

Last night was the monthly meeting of Launceston Town Council. The biggest topic of the night was the renovations at the Town Hall. The architect and the designer were both there to give presentations on their work and the Town Council gave its approval to go ahead.

The scheme will cost around £1m overall and the proposed works will be on display at the Town Hall before work starts. It will mean a much more accessible building with a more welcoming feel and the ability to host small conferences as well as dinners, dances, shows and theatre.

The second big issue was the very disappointing reply that had been received from Cornwall Council in response to the Town's offer to take over on-street parking enforcement in the town. As residents will know, the parking in town is a mess at the moment - in the main because the signs and lines are not right and so are unenforceable. But, although the Council claims that Launceston gets 1900 hours of enforcement time per year (that's 36.5 hours per week), we hardly ever see a traffic warden in town and so people know they can park with impugnity. Bad parking causes obstructions and means that locals and visitors cannot get to local shops easily.

But Cornwall Council has failed to understand the offer the is being made and seems determined to put all sorts of obstacles in the way of any real action.

I have promised to take this up with the Council at the next council meeting.

Also on the agenda was the proposed closure of the magistrates court (see below) and the usual reports back from councillors, the Mayor and myself on behalf of my fellow Cornwall councillors.

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