Thursday, 26 November 2009

Launceston Road Safety Partnership

I went along to the Launceston Road Safety Partnership meeting on Tuesday night where the main order of business was to find out the results of the vote on new road crossings for the town.

I won't steal the thunder of the LRSP which will be announcing the results shortly, but I was amazed at the high turnout in the vote (conducted through the Cornish and Devon Post). It goes to show just how much people in our town are concerned about the lack of safe crossing facilities.

Other issues that came up include the new Traffic Order for Launceston - it sounds boring, but will make significant improvements to parking and the flow of cars through the town.

Also discussed was the imminent arrival of Cornwall Council's signs'n'lines department which will sort out the parking mess that I have blogged about before. Most of the on-street parking rules in town are not elgally enforceable and that has led to lots of congestion and annoyance - as well as loss of income for shops.

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