Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Is this also available in English?

The Cabinet was really proud of its first Green Paper - on Cornwall's economy - which they debated today.

Proud of it until every backbencher slammed it as being total gibberish.

The language used is totally beyond the reach of anyone but a management consultant and is self-contradictory in many places. There's an absolute work of genius on page 23 with a diagram that deserves an award for bad communication.

And yet this document was meant to be going out to the Council's business partners and to local communities for consultation.

Apparently it had already been delayed for a month because it was 'not yet ready' (translation - even worse than it is now) and still the members of the scrutiny committee were complaining that the administration were ignoring many of their concerns.

At Cabinet today, member queued up to complain about it and wrung an admission from the Leader that it needed to be 'in plain English and fit for purpose'. Cabinet Member Carolyn Rule agreed to go away and proof-read it. I hope that she goes further and gets it re-written in English.

Yet more confirmation that Cornwall Council's Tory Leadership just doesn't get it when it comes to consultation.

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