Monday, 23 November 2009

Children in Need

Last Friday was Children in Need day and Cornwall Council held a 'Cornwall's Got Talent' event with staffand members performing in front of a packed Council chamber.

I was invited to be one of the judges alongside Council Leader Alec Robertson and Chairman Pat Harvey. Entering into the spirit of things, we were asked to play the role of three of the Britain's Got Talent judges. So Alec became Simon Cowell, Pat was Sharon Osbourne and I, for my sins, was Louis Walsh.

To play the role properly took moments of serious research (I googled 'Louis Walsh catchphrases'). And so every comment started with 'Hey...' and I used up my stock of 'you owned the stage', 'emotional rollercoaster', 'best singer of the night' and ' I didn't like it, I loved it' by the end of the third act. So, just as Louis does, I repeated them all.

The acts themselves were an eclectic mixture. We started off with staff from Democratic Services doing a sort of Riverdance and Stavros Flatly thing with the 'help' of four councillors. You can find the results on Jeremy Rowe's facebook account.

After that we had a band, a couple of soloists, a saxophone duo and the MC - County Solicitor Richard Williams - miming to Duran Duran (I guess you had to be there).

It was a great way to spend a lunch hour and I hope we raised a decent amount of money for a great cause.

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