Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Cabinet sticks two fingers up to consultation

Cornwall Council's Cabinet today discussed the report from the Scrutiny call in of their decision over a new severance policy.

Essentially, Scrutiny told them that:

- their consultation with the unions wasn't good enough
- their consultation with council members wasn't good enough
- their consultation with the public wasn't good enough
- they didn't consider other valid schemes.

Yet today's meeting said that the original decision was fine and could be confirmed. The Leader refused to allow anyone other than the Chair of the Scrutiny Committee to speak and even the cabinet members themselves said nothing.

The Cabinet has clearly just stuck two fingers up to the entire scrutiny process.

Everyone talks about building a good working relationship with the unions. But how can that happen if they are not consulted properly.

How can scrutiny committees do their job properly if their detailed reports are just rejected outright?

Can the Cabinet really be happy with having a severance policy based on age discrimination. Two employees who have the same length of service will receive different payouts if they were born at different times. Although the new policy is just about legal thanks to a special exemption clause, that doesn't make it right. And Cabinet did not even consider other options which officers confirmed were legal.

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