Thursday, 22 October 2009

Tory MPs tell Robertson to back 10:10

Conservative Party MPs yesterday effectively ordered Alec Robertson and the Conservative led Cabinet on Cornwall Council to pull their socks up on the issue of climate change. A month ago Cllr Robertson refused to back the 10:10 campaign on the basis that it might cost too much and they needed to look into the subject a bit better. This despite the fact that David Cameron and the Conservative Party had already joined the Lib Dems in wholeheartedly supporting 10:10.

In the House of Commons yesterday there was an opposition day debate on the subject of climate change. The motion called on all public sector bodies (which would include Cornwall Council) to make it their policy to achieve a 10% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2010 - exactly the idea of the 10:10 campaign.

(Opposition day debates are when the subject is chosen by either the Conservatives or Lib Dems and, in this case, it was Simon Hughes and the Lib Dems who called the debate.)

All the Tories present voted for the motion as did all the Lib Dems including all five Cornish MPs. The Tories who voted included the Conservative Local Government boss Caroline Spelman. It was the Labour Party who used the type of excuses spouted by Cornwall Tories. Will Cllr Robertson listen to what he is being told by his own MPs or is he happy sounding like a third rate Gordon Brown?

You can read the full text of the debate here.

Note: North Cornwall MP Dan Rogerson was a 'teller' in the vote and therefore appears at the bottom of the lists of those voting.

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