Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Ridgegrove Play Areas - UPDATE

I've just received an update on what is happening with the Ridgegrove play areas.

To date the Council has ripped out a see-saw and some goal posts. There will be a safety audit of the rest of the equipment next Monday - carried out by a fully trained safety official.

Of course it is right that the Council makes sure that all the equipment is safe to use and so I welcome the audit.

My concern is over what will happen if the audit decides that any more equipment is unsafe. And what is happening about general maintenance to stop the remaining equipment degrading further?

I've been told that the Housing Department (who are responsible for these areas) are saying that they have no money and so if anything is ripped out then it will not be replaced. I think that it is a moral responsibility that large estates such as Ridgegrove should have well-maintained play areas. The Housing Department (first of NCDC and now of Cornwall Council) have let the areas get into this state and they must replace any equipment that is defective.

I have therefore asked someone from Housing to come along on the audit so that they can see the state of the equipment and the level of need for themselves.

FURTHER UPDATE - At least one officer from the Housing Department will be attending the audit on Monday. Many thanks to them for doing so.

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