Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Launceston Town Council

I went along to Launceston Town Council's meeting last night. Although local government meetings may not be the most exciting proposition, it is always disappointing to find no members of the public coming along to see what is happening in their town. It may be that the Town Council needs to look a bit at what they can do to invite residents to their meetings, to make them feel involved and welcome.

Among other things:

- we heard from Sgt Aaron Ward and PC Matt Kingdon about what the police are doing locally. One of the key concerns is the misuse by motorists of limited use roads such as Church Street. In recent weeks the Police held an education day and an enforcement day to make drivers aware of the rules. But taxi drivers and those cars carrying disabled drivers have complained that they need access to these streets. Quite sensibly, the Police have said that they will be sensible in their enforcement of the rules until such time as the Council can make the legal changes needed.

- The Town Council had received a request from the Lanstephan Play Committee asking for help with setting up an new equipped play area on the estate. Given the troubles we have had with play areas in Launceston, I very much hope that this one goes ahead and that the Town Council is able to provide all the help they can.

- I updated that Town Council on a number of issues including the news that it looks likely that the entire Kensey Valley Meadow Estate will be adopted by the end of the financial year. I'm very grateful to officers for finally getting all the information together. I'm concerned that this has taken as long as it has, but at least it is finally happening.

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