Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Illegal workers at Spice Room?

Police raided the Spice Room restaurant in Western Road last week and apparently found three Bangladeshi workers who do not have the right to be employed in this country.

Whilst I do not condone illegal working, I do support the indian restaurant industry in their campaign over the lack of suitably qualified and trained chefs for indian restaurants. If we are to keep excellent restaurants like the Spice Room, the Government needs to make the system work properly so that they have the people to work in them.

It is also interesting to note that the Spice Room might be fined £30,000 if guilty of this breach but the Attorney General (the Government's chief law officer) was fined just £5000 for employing an illegal worker herself.


dobson said...

I think you and many of my libdem friends are making a mistake by unwittingly adopting the right-wing's immigration jargon.

What is meant by an "Illegal Immigrant"? Is there an illegal sort of person? It's language that allows hard-working foreigners to be demionised since it applies the illegality to the noun (the person), rather than the mode of entry.

Perhaps we should re-frame the issue by talking about people who immigrated illegally, that is they found a way into our country outside of the normal framework for doing so.

Alex said...

Dobson - you certainly have a point. I, deliberately, did not use the term 'illegal immigrant', but instead talked about 'illegal workers' - meaning people who are working in contravention of the law. I could certainly have talked about 'persons working illegally' but in this case I don't think that the words I used were pejorative or detract from the argument I am making which is that the law (or at least the way that it is applied) is harming the indian restaurant trade.