Thursday, 29 October 2009

The curious case of Candidate D*ckh**d

As others have reported, Tory PPC for St Austell and Newquay - Caroline Righton - is in trouble for suggesting that her Lib Dem opponent Stephen Gilbert referred to her as a d*ckh**d.

It appears that she sent out an email reproducing a tweet made by Steve but someone had added the fateful word to the end of Steve's message. I cannot believe it was her - more likely some silly junior member of her campaign team. But her silence on the issue and refusal to apologise means that the focus is shifting onto her and her credibility as a candidate.

Local readers will remember back in May when a leaflet was distributed in Camborne referring to a Mebyon Kernow candidate as a 'greasy haired tw*t'. In that case it was a joke leaflet which mistakenly got printed and delivered to a few homes. That is no excuse however and the candidate, agent and others immediately apologised.

Nevertheless, voters decided the matter for themselves and the MK candidate beat the Lib Dem in the council seat concerned.

Caroline Righton may well find that the voters cast the same opinion on her when it comes to the polls next May.

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