Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Mark Oaten book - an exclusive preview!

As fellow Lib Dems will know by now, the publication of Mark Oaten's book has been brought forward so that it will now be in print just before the start of Lib Dem conference in a couple of weeks.

I can exclusively reveal the contents of the book.

Ok - one small anecdote. And that concerns my part in the Winchester by-election in 1997.

As many will know, Mark won the General Election contest in 1997 by just two votes. The Conservatives wouldn't accept the result and challenged it in the High Court. The judge decided (in my opinion utterly wrongly) to order a re-run and Mark won with a massive majority. Perhaps the voters saw Gerry Malone and the Conservatives as sore losers?

Anyway, back to the story.

I was the agent in the Isle of Wight at the time and became Mark's minder for the campaign. First thing in the morning on day one I went round to pick Mark up. He got into the car, I reversed to get out of the drive and ran straight into Mark's dog.

(The dog bounced and was totally unhurt.)

This story has made it into the book. Fame at last.

I don't know any more of the contents - sorry.


pan said...

Is this book really shit?

Anonymous said...

It was a bit of a shit preview to be honest. But thanks anyway. I look forward to reading it at some point but will neither spend money nor pay someone else to do it for me.