Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Launceston Parking Shambles

My colleague Sasha Gillard-Loft (councillor for Launceston South) has taken the lead on trying to sort out the mess of street parking in the town.

As local residents are all too well aware, there is little or no enforcement of the parking rules in Launceston. This has a severe impact on visitors, locals and businesses. What people may not know is that the reason for the lack of enforcement is that many of the rules cannot legally be enforced.

If a double yellow line is not correctly marked then no ticket can be issued. The same is true for loading bays and over-staying in limited time spaces such as in the Town Square.

Council officers have now been on a tour with Sasha, business leaders and others to audit the parking problems. They now have to correct the mistakes and only then can the rules be enforced.

We're told that they hope to have all the correct lines and signs finished by Christmas.

It's a massive shame that it has taken quite so long and local people and businesses have suffered in the meantime. But congratulations to Sasha and all who have now got the situation moving.

We trust that, once the lines and signs are in place, the Council will ensure that enough enforcement officers are in place to police the rules.

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