Tuesday, 8 September 2009

If your name begins with C - you're likely to be a naughty child

A new survey reported on the BBC claims that teachers can identify which children are likely to be the naughtiest purely by their name.

The claim is that children called Chardonnay, Callum, Connor, Charlie, Chelsea, Casey and Crystal are among the naughtiest.

Just to redress the 'C' balance, Christopher and Charlotte are among the brightest children according to another question in the same survey.

Is it just me, or does this look it might be a bit of a class thing?

(Alexander also came out in the brainiest category)


Jennie said...

Curse you! I came here hoping for a stick with which to beat Ms Gore!

Anonymous said...

I came here expecting Jennie to find a stick to beat me with :)

It seems pretty obvious that what children are named depends very much on who the parents are - although the more of a divergence there is between 'council estate' names and 'posh names' the more "locked in" to a class people will become. That's not good :(