Thursday, 17 September 2009

Change in Recycling Collections

The Council has decided to change the days on which recycling is collected and this will affect residents in many parts of Launceston. SITA, the contractors, have streamlined their routes and from 2nd November, all recycling in the Launceston area will be collected fortnightly on a Tuesday. The earliest collections will be at 7am and will stretch through the day.

Normal household waste collections will not be affected. They will continue to happen every week as at present.

Garden waste collections will not change. At the moment, garden waste is collected on the same day as recycling (but by a different team). Recycling days will change for many people but garden waste will stay as at present.

Whilst these changes might make sense for the collecting company, any changes inevitably cause confusion for residents. This will particularly be the case for residents who will move to having three different collection days for three different types of waste.

The Council will be sending leaflets to all residents and I have asked that they consider a back up plan for the first few weeks of the new scheme as residents get used to the changes.

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