Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Time to be unpopular with Mr Dale

Iain Dale, in an otherwise quite valid post about the Times attacks on a junior Tory Health Spokesman, says:
"Contrary to popular rumour, peers to do not get paid. They get an attendance allowance of £174 per sitting day. Last year, that would have trousered them £27,840. So unless you have private means, you have to have outside work."
Hmm - I would hope that this is not actually what Iain meant to say. If a person is used to having an income over £100k and has outgoings that reflect this, then they could not cope with seeing that drop to £27k per year unless they were allowed to have an outside income. But that is not what Iain said. What he said is that someone earning £27k per year cannot afford to live.

So in the interests of fairness, can Iain clarify that every single employee of Total Politics is paid more than £27,840 per year?


Iain Dale said...

Actually, if you look at the update, I got the figures wrong. It is actually £14,000. And yes, everyone at TP earns more than £14k!

Alex said...

fair enough, but you wrote the blog based on an assumption that the figure was £27k. So does the TP statement hold true for that figure?