Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Council decides to exclude North Cornwall youngsters over play park decision

Cornwall Council has apparently decided to site a new £700,000 play park in Redruth. The decision will come as a huge blow to the young people of North Cornwall. It had been expected that Bodmin or St Austell would be the favoured site for the park.

According to one council officer, the reason that Redruth was chosen is because the site is near to the town's rail station.

Forgive me if I am wrong, but I would have thought that the best place for a facility serving the whole of the county would be somewhere in the middle. Redruth, for all its delights, is near the far west. Bodmin and St Austell both sit in the middle of the county and both would have been better locations.

And as for the rail station point, this is ridiculous. North Cornwall has no rail stations. For a youngster in Launceston who wants to take advantage of what I hope will be a great facility on their own - or if their family has no car - they will have to:

- catch a bus at 8.35am to Liskeard rail station, getting there at 9.20am
- catch the 9.49am train to Redruth, getting there at 10.53am

They can then enjoy the facilities of the park for a whole one hour and nineteen minutes (assuming the train is on time)

before turning around and:

- catching the 12.12pm train from Redruth back to Liskeard, arriving at 13.13pm
- and catching the last bus of the day at 14.10pm from Liskeard to Launceston arriving at 14.53pm

I will be taking this apparent decision up with the Council.

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Anonymous said...

I live at Hillside Park Bodmin and have just got back from a trip to Wadebridge so that my grandaughter can play in the park there. Bodmin does not need a £600,000 adventure park - just one as good as the one in Wadebridge.

From Elaine