Thursday, 16 July 2009

A busy Thursday

Today saw the Launceston Show and the first meeting for the Communities Scrutiny Committee.

First up was the Committee meeting in County Hall in Truro. The first meetings are a formality as they elect the chair and vice chair. According to the agenda, we were meant to discuss the work programme for the committee - something that would have been very useful - but we were told that there would be a big meeting of all the scrutiny committees at some point in September to discuss this. It might have been better if this could have been made clear to councillors before the meeting.

A presentation by the Corporate Director on some of the services that the Council provides followed the meeting but I had to leave to get to...

The Launceston Show 2009.

I was attending the show both as a local councillor and as part of my work for a cancer charity.

As anyone who has been in Cornwall over the past 10 days will know, we have had torrential amounts of rain and most of it seemed to come down on Launceston on Thursday afternoon, washing the show out from about 2pm. This was a huge shame as, up until then, it had been a great - if slightly damp - event.

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