Sunday, 14 June 2009

Taking Action - Kensey Valley Meadow

I've written today toTom Flanagan, the Council's Corporate Director for Environment, Planning and the Economy about Kensey Valley Meadow. Kensey Valley Meadow is a new(ish) development on the Tavistock Road down towards Polson. I say new(ish) because many people have been living there for more than four years.

Unfortunately, the roads are still not adopted by the Council and so local people miss out on some local services. I am asking the Council what plans are in place to adopt the roads, what the developer (either the current one or a previous company) needs to do and what action can be taken to make sure that the current economic climate doesn't mean that local people miss out through no fault of their own.

Among the issues on Kensey Valley Meadow are:

- overgrown hedges on the central island leading to the top part of the estate which are becoming a hazard to drivers;
- a bollard which has been hit by a car and needs repairing;
- The grassed area at the top of the estate which needs cutting;
- the badly fenced off building plots on the bottom part of the estate.

I'll write here as soon as I get a response.

If you know of anything else that needs doing either on Kensey Valley Meadow or elsewhere in Launceston, please get in touch by emailing or call 07984 644138

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