Monday, 22 June 2009

Grammers Park proposals

The Town Council is proposing developments to Grammers Park - the area off Moorland Road. These will include new play facilities aimed at 8-13 year olds. They are also looking to create up to 20 new allotments on the middle part of the park.

Without having yet seen the plans, these ideas seem like a huge step in the right direction. Although play facilities for young children are sadly outdated in Launceston, they do, at least, exist. Play facilities for those young people aged 8-13 are almost totally non-existent and this could be a huge step in the right direction.

The allotments would be a massive step forward. Launceston currently has quite a few allotments but there is a long waiting list for more. To be able to return some of Grammers Park to allotment use (it was used for this purpose before) is great. The Liberal Democrats in Cornwall promised to work with town and parish councils to create more allotments and it is good to know that at least one town council is already thinking along the same lines.

The one gripe I have about these plans is the way the consultation is happening. I received a letter about them through my letterbox today - despite the letter being dated June 8th. I have written to the Town Clerk and the Mayor to make them aware of this as it means that the chance for residents to talk to councillors at the Butter Market has been lost. Two of the three further consultation events are closed and only for parents and pupils at particular schools.

So anyone who has a view about these plans or simply wants to find out more should make their way to St Catherine's school on July 11th at 10am. In the meantime, I would ask the Town Council to consider whether there is anything else they can do to consult on these plans - especially to encourage young people to have their say. There is little point in providing new play facilities if they are not what young people want and won't be used.

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