Monday, 4 May 2009

Tories admit they have nothing to offer Cornwall

The Conservatives launched their manifesto for the Cornish elections on Saturday and admitted that they have nothing to offer the county.

Amid a lot of bluster about wanting to run the Council on a 'businesslike basis', their leader, Cllr Currie said it is impossible to make specific strategic plans until they are able to fully appreciate the state of the county finances.

Cllr Currie said:

"Conservatives believe the change to a unitary authority must be managed professionally, with a businesslike approach and with consideration for the local communities across the county."

I couldn't agree more that we need to involve local communities in decision making. But which party has the better record of doing so - the Conseraties or the Lib Dems who have already set up Community Network Areas and in councils across the country have devolved powers to local communities. Our manifesto makes it clear that we believe many council decisions can be taken away from Truro and many powers devolved to town and parish councils.

But we also know that the change to unitary status will save around £17m a year. With the current financial climate we cannot go on a wild spending spree and it would be wrong to do so, but we can afford to make the promises we have included in our manifesto including cutting council tax in real terms, more investment in adult social services, 10p first hour parking, more PCSOs and so on.

What are the Tories offering? None of this. In effect, they are sayhing vote for us because we are Conservatives. I know that people lampoon David Cameron for having no policies, but this is taking things to extreme.

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