Friday, 8 May 2009

Expenses hypocrisy (Pienaar edition)

Not surprisingly, the BBC is going big on the cabinet's expenses revelations published in today's Telegraph. 5 Live's Chief Political Correspondent John Pienaar was coming over all high and mighty about the subject.

But isn't this the same John Pienaar who, when at Lib Dem Spring Conference in Liverpool last year, was offered a space in a free courtesy bus that was just departing to make the trip between the conference hotel and the auditorium in favour of hailing a cab and, no doubt, charging the exense to us, the license fee payers?

Imagine if the press had seen a Lib Dem MP reject a free ride and instead hail a cab which arrived at the same destination within a minute of the free ride. It might only be a couple of quid, but the principle is the point.

I don't condone the outrageous behaviour that it appears many MPs are getting up to, but surely all those who are paid out of the public purse (and the license fee is a form of taxation) should have to live up to the same standards.

Hat-tip Guido

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Richard T said...

But it's the unfailing ability of the BBC to shoot itself in the foot for its extravagance.

I support the Beeb and believe it's better than the alternatives but when the first swine flu patient was in Monkland shospital, BBC Scotland had a reporter there quite reasonably. However BBC news had someone entirely different outside the hospital saying pretty well the same things - well standing and not being able to see anything except a building does limit the reporter's art. So why have a reporter, sound and camera team fly up from London when there is somene there already at minimum cost?