Tuesday, 26 May 2009

BBC rips up fairness

The BBC seems to have decided that the expenses scandal means that they are no longer bound by pesky laws like the Representation of the People Act.

BBC Breakfast has just run a 7 minute puff piece for Esther Rantzen, the TV personality (BBC, natch) who has announced that she will be running against disgraced Labour MP Margaret Moran in Luton South.

This may not be during the campaign period of the general election, but the law still applies - broadcast media have to give balanced coverage to all declared candidates. Are the BBC going to give 7 minute prime time interviews on BBC Breakfast with patsy questions to the declared Lib Dem and Tory candidates and to Ms Moran herself? I don't think they are. But if I was Qurban Hussein (the local Lib Dem candidate) I would be booking my slot on the sofa.

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