Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Brown undone by nazi links

Another sign of the Labour Government falling apart is this picture from the Prime Minister's visit to a school today. Notice the red, black and white logos behind him?

I know these are probably illustrating a class project about Nazi Germany, but any advance team worth their salt would have spotted them when they ran the visit a few days ago - or even when they arrived this morning - and had them removed. Because, whilst no one really thinks GB is a Nazi, they are at the very least distracting.

I was part of the Lib Dem advance team for the 2001 General Election and then part of the Leader's team in the 2005 election. One of the visits I remember was to West Dorset for a street walkabout. The culmination was to be a soap box stump speech in front of the historic and picturesque town hall. Unfortunately, someone had set the soap box up in the wrong place and all the press microphones were already placed around it so there was no time to move. The background was a shop with a big sign saying 'SECOND HAND GOODS' - hardly what we wanted as the backdrop for the leader. So at the last minute we had to find the tallest Lib Dems we could, equip them all with those huge orange diamonds, and get them to hold them at arms length up high for the duration of the speech so that they were between the cameras and the offending sign. Sore arms but reputations (just about) saved.

Just for the record, I wasn't the one who put the box in the wrong place.
Photo by Getty used with acknowledgements

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