Friday, 20 March 2009

The 'Shadow Minister for Cornwall' clearly doesn't believe in ending fuel poverty

David Heath's Bill to end fuel poverty had its second reading in the House of Commons today. It fell because not enough MPs were there to support it. Although four Cornish Lib Dem MPs were there to back it, the Conservative self-named 'Shadow Minister for Cornwall', Mark Prisk, was absent. Is fuel poverty not something that Cornish Conservatives or their mouthpiece support?

It's not as if there was a Conservative whip in opposition to the Bill. Although Private Member's Bills are not whipped officially, there is often an unofficial whip and Labour had something of this sort as two of their whips were the only ones to vote in opposition. But not the Tories. Several Conservative MPs had the guts to vote in favour of this Bill, but why not Mr Prisk?

Clearly any Conservative statements about fuel poverty in Cornwall in the run up to June's elections will have to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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