Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Saturday at Conference

Saturday's highlight was, of course, Howard Dean who I'll cover in a later post. But the biggest debate was over faith schools as part of the wider education paper.

I missed the start of the debate but was in time to hear Tim Farron speak up in favour of retaining faith schools and David Laws attempt to steer a delicate path between the competing arguments.

Later on we had Vince the Invincible. He laid off the usual jokes - probably for the best, he'll come a cropper some time - but scored serious hits on both Tories and Labour.

Then it was time for the usual photo op with Nick and his team finalising his speech. Pity the room they chose for the event was so small and un-photogenic.

Earlier, Nick had joined local MP Phil Willis for a trip into town to meet former Woolworth's employees outside the deserted former store. Fortunately, the three women Nick met have all found new jobs since Woolies closed.

One thing struck me about the media coverage of this meeting. The BBC did a vox pop with people in the street. Did they recognise Nick? Apart from the people who thought the reporter was asking about the BBC cameraman, the problem for the BBC was that more than half the public actually did identify Nick. Not that this was the result in the broadcast.

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