Friday, 20 March 2009

Google Streetview - not quite

Oh how the Government must love Google's Streetview. It's one of the biggest invasions of privacy we've yet seen in the UK and we're all playing with it! Gordon Brown couldn't have wished for a softer introduction to database Britain.

Ah, say Google. We've taken out such identifying details as faces and numberplates because of our very clever software. So there's nothing to worry about.


Not quite - as a quick play indicates.

Here's a fairly clear number plate

and here's another

And what about faces?

The BBC reports a number of images have had to be blanked out because they show home interiors, people being arrested and even a man entering a sex shop. And people are emailing in to say they have recognised themselves.

So I'm guessing that there's still some work to do before that particular promise can be taken at face value.

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