Friday, 13 March 2009

Canvassing in Launceston Central

Dan Rogerson and I were out knocking on doors on the Ridgegrove Estate this afternoon to find out what residents there want from the new Council.

Top of the list is something for the kids to do. There is far too much of a problem with young people kicking balls around in the street and breaking windows and also more anti-social behaviour caused by boredom. There is a very obvious need for more spaces for kids to play without the risk of breaking things and more activities - both structured and unstructured - to help keep them out of trouble. I'll be pressing Cornwall Council to take some action here although it is unlikely to be solved immediately.

Other residents are concerned about the lack of response from North Cornwall DC to their complaints about broken fences and so on. I'll write to the Councils (both NCDC and Cornwall) to press them for swifter response times to problems.

There is also the problem of overflowing bins. The communal bins are emptied on a Tuesday but are overflowing by Sunday. Bigger bins might solve the problem but will be fairly unsightly so I'm pressing NCDC (and Cornwall) for twice weekly collection on the estate as well as regular litter picking tidy ups.

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