Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Wiki-gate - Is this the most pathetic spat imaginable

As Dr Pack has blogged, the Tories do seem to be utterly pathetic in the behaviour in what I shall christen 'Wiki-gate'.

So Gordon Brown may or may not have got it wrong when he said that Titian was 90 when he died. In the great scheme of things, it doesn't matter. Nobody really knows when he was born and so no one can declare with total accuracy how old he was when he died.

So what possessed Cameron to make an issue of it at PMQs?

Having done so, Central Office suddenly discovered that Cameron's statement didn't stand up when you looked at the world's number one fact checker - Wikipedia. Cameron might actually have been right. But you could be certain that the first place journalists would look to check would be Wikipedia. So SOMETHING HAD TO BE DONE. And a wonderfully naive Central Office staffer acting totally alone (Tories are great fans of the Warren Commission) took it upon him or herself to change Wikipedia.

It's just that they never really understood how Wikipedia works and that their alterations would be tracked straight back to them with date, time and IP address helpfully provided.

Incidentally, it looks as though another Tory fan based in Sutton also decided to alter the entry to help Dave and so the combined effort was to shorten Titian's life by 8 years. Welcome to the world of Benjamin Button - Titian is a man who gets younger by the second.

So for all that Cameron got a schoolboy debating point out of the issue, Central Office got an afternoon of grief and embarrassment.

I do notice that Iain Dale has failed to address this issue on his blog. Given his love of challenging Lib Dem Voice whenever there is minutely embarrassing story for the Lib Dems, it would be nice to hear his take on this one.

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Matt Wardman said...

The main good thing out of this is a demonstration of the effectiveness of the Wikipedia model.

CCO on this one = arse, and they'll be thinking that in private.