Friday, 13 February 2009

Our Navy- it's a commercial business, don't ya know

Anyone who saw the last series of Top Gear will remember the test of the new Ford Fiesta. During the piece Jeremy Clarkson 'tested' how good the car was at joining in with a naval assault on a beach. The car was pictured driving along the shore with military personnel, landing craft, Lynx helicopters, the lot.

Someone asked the military how much this event cost to stage. They replied by detailing the equipment and personnel involved but claimed that the exercise was a scheduled one and so there was not additional cost involved in fitting in with the filming.

The funny thing is that they claim that the actual cost should remain secret because it is 'commercially confidential'.

As far as I am aware, we only have one Royal Navy and their position as 'Defenders of our Nation (Sea Division)' is not really under threat from a rival bid by another country. So how on earth can they claim that this information is commercially confidential?


Tristan said...

They're competing for funds with the RAF and Army?

Alex said...

this is what you get for having forces which have to compete with each other for a tiny budget, instead of just having to make a case to parliament - they first have first say they are providing the right services to load of civil servants who come from the correct schools and have degrees in buisness from the right universities - unfortunately none of them have ever been shot at so they only care about the cost value rather than the combat value of the equipment.