Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Lanson in the snow

We have had snow in Lanson as just about the whole of the country has.

Whilst driving up and down the County is proving difficult on the main roads and treacherous on the back roads, it seems to have encouraged lots of people go out and get a breath of fresh air.

The town wasn't exactly teeming, but there were still plenty of people around, including lots of young people with the day off school who had dug sleds out of the loft.

Most of the businesses in town are open as normal. Unfortunately for the chap outside the library, that wasn't one of them. Someone seems to have taken a lot of effort to build a very decent snowman however.

The most popular venue was the Castle. The building itself must have seen these sort of conditions before, of course. But there were plenty of people who hadn't and they were determined to make the most of the conditions.

The view down into Newport was very good. The amount of snow on the rooves seems to indicate that people have got their loft insulation in order.

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