Friday, 13 February 2009

Labour List - have they forgotten something?

The hyperactive Derek Draper has certainly been busy with his Labour List project. They haven't got any readers yet, but I'm sure they will come.

The only trouble is that they seem to have forgotten something quite crucial.

A month or so ago when Labour List started appearing on our screens, Draper confided that this was a soft launch designed to iron out any failings. Indeed, the screen proudly announced it as being in Beta at top left.

Fair enough many of us thought. Let's wait for the official launch on February 12th when the all-singing and dancing version would appear.

And so, yesterday morning Draper held a breakfast for Labour bloggers to launch the site.

It must have been a damn good breakfast - the sort with endless bucks fizz. It must have stretched into a long, lazy lunch. And possibly even into the sort of drunken dinner when you know you had a good time but can't really remember any of the details.

I bet Draper woke up this morning feeling really happy with himself for his great new venture. But there will have been something nagging at the back of his mind. Something really important that he forgot to do.

Don't worry Derek, it'll come to you eventually....


It still talks about the launch being yesterday and being in Beta mode until then.

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Stephen Glenn said...

Darn it went to get a screen shot and he must of pressed the button while I was faffing around getting a current date and time up.