Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Jacqui Smith - so that's where all the Nunhead Police had gone

Paul Waugh blogs the news that Home Sec Jacqui Smith is being investigated by the Commons Standards Commissioner about what is her first and what is her second home. It turns out that she stays in London with her sister who lives in Nunhead.

I used to live in Nunhead and suffered a fair amount of crime:

- We suffered a burglary during which more than £12,000 of camera and computer equipment was stolen. No Police Officer came to investigate - only a forensics person who took one look and announced that there was nothing they could do;

- A person I was living with was threatened with rape - Police did nothing;

- I was the victim of an attempted mugging during which I was threatened with a rock. Police came to talk to me... and then did nothing despite being given pretty good descriptions;

- Our neighbour set fire to our house. The Police arrived and claimed there was little they could do. We had to suggest that they view the CCTV on the pub opposite which turned out to show him clearly. They searched his flat and failed to find him despite the fact he was hiding there at the time. It was left to us to keep watch and call them again when he ventured out.

I do understand that some senior politicians warrant full-time protection, but it's more than a bit galling to see the difference in service that different residents of the same small part of London get.

I'm very glad that have moved back to Cornwall now.

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