Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Ryanair in danger of being labelled hypocrites

Ryanair are threatening to sue Cornwall County Council over the recent temporary closure of Newquay airport.

The airport used to be owned and managed by the RAF. Back in December, the RAF handed over ownership of the base to the County Council. The requirements for a civillian airport differ from those which are owned by the military. CCC therefore had to do urgent works to the land and the airport had to close while these were done as a safety certificate couldn't be signed off until they were.

Ryanair objected to this move and promptly cancelled their flights from the airport until March.

They now claim that their reputation as well as their business has been damaged because they cancelled flights at the last minute.

FACT: In November, Ryanair cancelled flights on two routes from Newquay without warning and held on to money paid by customers who had already paid for these flights for a number of weeks.

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