Sunday, 11 January 2009

On Prince Harry

Prince Harry is all over the papers and media today after the News of the World published quotes and the video of him referring to his colleagues in racist terms.

Both David Cameron and Nick Clegg have made strong comments on the issue.

But to me it seems that the media have blown the issue up far beyond its worth. I have no doubt that the comments were both stupid and offensive. The terms used are derogatory and racist. I don't think it matters that the 'Paki' comment was used as a nickname for a friend - that perhaps even makes it worse. And the twisting and turning by St James' Palace to imply that 'raghead' was simply a reference to insurgents does Harry no favours.

But these comments were made three years ago. Since then Harry seems to have cleaned up his act. He has apologised for his comments and if we take that apology at face value and accept that he knows why his words were wrong then that should be the end of it.

The public should be looking instead to the News of the World to apologise for some of its borderline racist references and for stirring up hatred of all kinds in its pages week after week.

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Sue Eynon-Williams said...

How sensitive and sad this country has become! Prince Harry is no rascist. This week he made a comment to a black comedian along the lines of 'you don't sound like a black person.' How on earth is that rascist?? Stupid certainly, but not rascist. Has Prince Harry been so closeted that he hasn't worked out that there are black people who were born in this country? Come on Harry, get your brain in gear!!