Monday, 12 January 2009

Is it just me... because I really don't get Twitter

Am I alone? Everyone else seems to be 'following' all sorts of people. They range from the great and the good - Stephen Fry - to politicians and political commentators - such as Dale - to mates.

I suppose I can vaguely see the idea of following a mate. It would tend to be someone you know very well. You know their personality, their likes and dislikes and you can get the jokes they will inevitably make.

But strangers? Nope - bypasses me completely.

And despite having read his blog for a few years and met him a couple of times, Iain Dale still qualifies as a stranger in this regard. I like his blog and will continue to read it. He has arguments which he is able to develop in a blog post and, like them or loathe them, they are something I enjoy reading. But half sentences on the minutiae of his life - simply not interested (nothing personal Iain). Even today's news that he is off to live blog Cameron direct is not interesting. I'll happily read the blog, but I don't need to know it's on its way - and I suspect that few really do. The same goes for most political acquaintances. I like talking about politics with them but political thought is not a subject that can be truncated to a few words (save for the greatest of soundbites).

Even with the maginificent Mr Fry, I have no desire to latch on to his every tweet. I'm an avid viewer of QI and all things Fry on the TV - even the shamefully truncated America. I even read his gadget column in the paper (before it got binned). But I can't imagine that his Twitterings will do anything other than disappoint in the long run.

Dr Pack will no doubt cast me into utter darkness, but I cannot get why voters would want to sign up to follow a candidate. It strikes me as just too, well, stalkerish.

So here's another of those Downfall mash-ups (and even these aren't as good as they used to be).

Am I getting old?


Alix said...

V good :-D

The purpose of Twitter can vary tho. It's not all about the minutiae. I've just been followed by the Fabian Society, but I doubt this is because they want to know how often I eat entire chocolate oranges in one sitting. No, they're following me because they think I know how to do that thing where your new blog posts are automatically tweeted. The poor fools.

I've been meaning to ask, where in the south west are we talking about? Am trying to move down that way myself.

Arwen said...

I don't get it either

Alex said...

I'm in Launceston in the fabulous County of Cornwall - hence the blog name (locally Launceston is spelled and pronounced Lanson).