Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Graham Stringer - the MP for the planet pillock

Back in the days of yore, I used to work for Peter Brand who became the MP for the Isle of Wight between 1997 and 2001. Peter had (still has) many great causes that are close to his heart, but one that mattered to him even more than most was dyslexia.

Both Peter's wife and son are dyslexic. And both Peter and Jane would work very hard to make sure that people suffering from dyslexia were not abandoned by the education system as being too difficult or thick to teach and they campaigned hard to make sure they were kept in mainstream schools. They also both dedicated a lot of time to campaign groups on behalf of people with dyslexia.

I so wish that Peter was still in the Commons at this moment.

Labour MP Graham Stringer has claimed that dyslexia is a made up condition designed by education chiefs to cover up for shoddy teaching. This is such an insult to those with dyslexia (and to teachers for that matter). And Peter would have been the one to give him stick.

How can a person who was apprently taught so badly that a made up condition was assigned to them go on to become a successful GP as Jane Brand has - and still exhibit noticeable signs of dyslexia? (Insert your own joke about GP's handwriting.) Surely if she was taught so badly then she should never have had a career. Instead, her natural abilities have helped her to overcome the condition to a great extent and become a better person than Graham Stringer will ever be.

(And yes, I did want to make the headline stronger, but the wrath of the naughty word filters made me change it)

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