Thursday, 8 January 2009

Does God exist?

It is one of the most contested discussions in the history of mankind. It has pitted clerics against philosophers for many centuries. Does God exist? And if so, what form does God take? Is it Allah, the Christian God or should we be talking about gods plural? (Note: other belief systems are also available)

Well, the good news is that there will shortly be a decision on the matter.

And who better to take it than the Advertising Standards Authority. They have received a complaint from the organisation Christian Voice (firmly in the Yes camp) who object to the atheist bus campaign and their slogan 'There's probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life'.

For those who don't know, the bus campaign was put together by the British Humanist Association (No camp) and leading supporters such as Richard Dawkins.

Christian Voice claim that there is a God and that this can be proven via peoples' experiences and beliefs. So they have reported the campaign slogan on the grounds of truthfulness.

So the ASA must decide whether the statement 'There's probably no god' is true or not.

Good luck guys...


Hywel said...

Didn't Oolon Colluphid discuss this point? :-)

Jackie Pearcey said...

Does this mean that atheists can report signs which claim that people who don't follow a particular cult will go to Hell to the ASA for lack of proven truthfulness?