Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Dave Cameron - man of the people (with a £92 bin)

Perhaps David Cameron will come to regret doing his interview with Andrew Marr from his own home. I know that he has taken the decision to open up his home and his family to the media (something Nick Clegg has refused to do) and that is fair enough if you are prepared to cross that threshold.

But the BBC staff apparently took agin what they perceived as high-handedness (surely another example of BBC bias).

And then the line went down three times during the course of the piece.

And now the Guardian has published a 'How to live like Cameron' piece identifying all his fixtures and fittings and how much they cost. What got me was that they reckon the bin in his kitchen cost £92.

I'm sorry, but who spends almost a hundred pounds on a bin?

And then they trashed his bookshelves reckoning that many of the books were ones he had never read and only had there for show.

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