Thursday, 27 November 2008

Why anti-terrorism police?

Why was it that up to nine police from the anti-terrorism unit were used to arrest Damian Green? Is he really thought to have been committing terrorist acts or was it Brownian Labour edging ever closer to the tactics of a certain Soviet leader of the middle of the last century?

First Iceland, now a Tory MP. Next thing you know they'll be carting off Felicity Kendall.


oldduffer1 said...

Interesting that the BBC is covering only Mumbai situation- sorry should have said GBC- Government Broadcasting Corporation!

Mark said...

Really? Must be my imagination having watched BBC coverage of Damian Green on two different channels earlier this evening!

oldduffer1 said...

Obviously was mentioned but was pointing out that main topic by far was Mumbai situation- obviously horrific but is in another country!
Perhaps it is O.K. to live in a police state and I am just being paranoid?

Lee Griffin said...

The arrest is the top story on the UK BBC pages, what's the problem?

oldduffer1 said...

Have a look at the coverage even in the Telegraph today- one small article on front page compared to 5 full pages on Mumbai- D-Notice????
Also interesting that if you Google "Damian Green Leaked Documents" on Google link to Telegraph artcle states: "Tory minister Damian Green arrested under the Official Secrets Acts"- There is no mention of the Official Secrets Act in the article and this is also, of course, factually incorrect! Can the Govt. even get at Google??