Friday, 24 October 2008

This All Blacks thing seems to be taking off

We've been inundated with media requests as a result of the threat by the New Zealand RFU to sue us for using the name Cornish All Blacks. We've also had many messages of support.

As well as a story in the Sun (can't link, it crashes my computer still), we've been in the Mail, Telegraph and on the Beeb as well as interviews with various outlets in New Zealand (which our Club President loved as they all had to be done at about 4am). Their attitude is particularly telling describing the NZ RFU as being completely OTT.


Stephen Glenn said...

Go for it. Why should they have the copyright of a miswritten, interpreted or typeset name in the first place.

Mind you the President should be glad he only had to please one alternate time zone of a one off basis. He should try scheduling them across the globe on a regualr basis.

Hywel said...

Are they also taking action against these clubs/organisations?