Monday, 1 September 2008

Stephen and Julia get married (and a bit of Lembit dancing)

I was lucky enough to be in Plymouth on Saturday for the wedding of Stephen Kearney, the Lib Dem candidate in Henley, and Julia Ohlsen. Best man was the irrepressible Lembit Opik.

Despite what I said in an earlier post, it was fine and sunny for the important part of the day and there was a fantastic setting for the reception at the Mount Batten Sailing Centre. Stephen and Julia now divide their time between their home in Henley and their boat in Plymouth and couldn't have picked a nicer setting (ok - it was also a lot easier for me to get to than Henley, so I liked it for that reason too).

There was a great band playing in the courtyard after the meal and both Stephen and Lembit took a turn performing. The dancing, however, was little... enthusiastic.

Anyway, enjoy some photos of the events.


Anonymous said...

Goodness, why would anyone want Lembit as their Best Man, unless of course they were going for an all time boozing record! Quel embarrassment!
Doesn't do himself any favours with the dancing and mouth organ playing, does he? You would have thought he'd stop showing off, but then again suppose it's not in the nature of the beast. And I guess he knows he's going to loose the presidency vote. What a total prat he's become, as confirmed by your pictures

Linda Jack said...

Lovely pix Alex, looks like a lovely day. I was and remain, very impressed with Stephen. I hope he will be far more involved with the party.

As for Lembit. He has the characteristics of all geniuses, they paint in primary colours, thus their strengths and weaknesses are far more visible.

Anonymous said...

A genius - yeah, right......That's why he's called Lembit O'Prick in Mid Wales, where he'll loose his seat. It's because of losers like Lembit that we're down in the polls. The sooner he's gone, the better.