Sunday, 28 September 2008

Nationalisation of failing businesses

A private business which is part of the community and on which many tens or hundreds of thousands of people rely is suffering a very poor run. The people are concerned. If this business fails then, apart from the job losses, there will be a loss of confidence in the rest of the industry. The owners and directors, who have been accused of mismanagement by some, are keen to sell. But there is no white knight willing to ride to the rescue. Potential suitors are worried about what they might uncover when they arrive and what the costs of turning around the operation might be.

So is the answer to nationalise Newcastle United?

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With the U.K government seeming to follow suit with the nationialisation or shall we say it bluntly buy out! of failing businesses like our friends in the USA.... got me thinking labour cant run its biggest business THE NHS correctly ...hows its going to fair with mortgages and banking i have no clue...although im sure the MP's second home allowance account will have a health balance and their 2nd 3rd and 4th mortgagea all at good rates..

....where can i sign up to be an MP my council flat is smelling a little damp!