Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Kelly resigns to spend more time with her family... Yeah right

So Ruth Kelly is to leave her job as Transport Secretary. She claims it is to spend more time with her family. Of course, she has four young children and she will no doubt want to spend time with them. She is clearly not one of those who has children simply as props (hello Dave) or to abandon to her constituency so that she can claim to live there (hello Caroline) But she seems to have managed to cope with a Cabinet job and the kids for some time now.

Perhaps the real reason, as the Beeb claims, is her opposition to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. Clearly she objects to it on religious grounds, but wouldn't she have gone now if that had been the reason?

What about her demotion from Communities to the graveyard of Transport? Perhaps Gordon told her she was not being promoted next time?

Perhaps she thought Brown was a gonner and would be out soon, but his speech being good enough to save him for the moment she thought she was better out than in?

Or even that she simply cannot stand the infighting and wanted out of it?

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Norman Fowler really does have a lot to answer for!

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Julian H said...

If you type "Kelly resign family" into Google, this blog comes THIRD.