Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Gordon hits Birmingham again?

As mentioned below, I'm in Birmingham at a trade show this week. Traditionally, they have a very complex but smooth procedure to allow all the stand holders to break down their stands and get out of here as quickly as possible after things finish at 4pm. It revolves around people being able to put their vans into place around the complex from the middle of the penultimate day. But, just as the queuing system for vans yesterday was kicking in, the whole system was put on hold. Because of unspecified 'security reasons' they were not allowing any movement of cars or vans too close to the entire NEC complex until after the 4pm show closure.

So hundreds of businesses are going to have to try to break down and get out of here at the same time - instead of having the procedure staggered. Everyone is going to be late and lots of one person operations are worried because they will have to leave all their stock unattended while they go to fetch their vehicles - a procedure which will take up to an hour.

The NEC staff are unable to give any more details about the reasons for the change and are having to deal with lots of unhappy traders.

This morning the rumour went round that the reason is that Gordon is coming back again for a visit to the show. If true I don't think he's likely to get a very favourable reception having cost those present time and money.

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