Monday, 4 August 2008

Tories launch the war against Nuts

The Conservatives have obviously decided that young (and not quite so young) men are not their target audience. Michael Gove is set to claim that magazines such as Nuts and Zoo encourage 'instant-hit hedonism' and relationship breakdown.

I always thought that these magazines were pretty much the embodiment of Thatcherism. They spell out a freedom loving, do what you want agenda that sits perfectly happily, in my view, with the Conservatives of the 80s.

Of course, there has to be some psephology behind this move by Gove. Not only is he reaching out to his base of older, more traditional, voters, but he is courting the female vote assidulously. It's very difficult to win an election without winning the women's vote.

Then again, maybe this is the long awaited follow up to David Cameron's 'I am the judge of what is right and wrong' speech delivered to the Local Government Association last month.


Julian H said...

When are politicians going to stop imposing these pointless moralising judgements on private businesses and individuals?

I will file this story, and wait patiently for the next married Tory to be caught shagging his secretary / colleague / local nightclub manager.

Anthony said...

Hi Alex
which small South West London town do you live in - I noticed the interest in AFC Wimbledon . . .


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