Monday, 25 August 2008

Oh Kate!

We were round at my brother's house for supper last night and watched the programme on plastic surgery - Super Botox Me - on Channel 4. The presenter (Kate Spicer) is the daughter of a good friend of my mother ans she has known Kate since she was 15 or so.

So as Kate (now 39ish) had needles stuck into every part of her face and laser treatment that gave her the sort of panda eyes a child might draw when only given the red crayon, my mother would exclaim 'Oh Kate!' every three minutes or so before reminding us that Kate had always had bags under her eyes and it was not a matter of age.

I thought the programme as a whole was very amusing. It convinced me that non-invasive beauty treatments really don't achieve that much in terms of looks, but Kate seemed to feel it made a real difference so they clearly had some effect on her state of mind at least. If that's what you are after then feel free to hand over your hard earned cash.

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