Monday, 16 June 2008

Lots of Lib Dem Leaders in Thame!

It was Leaders day in Thame today as Nick Clegg, Ming Campbell and Paddy Ashdown all came to support Stephen Kearney on the campaign trail.

They all received a hugely supportive reception from the shoppers in the town on another beautiful sunny day.

As well as chatting to shoppers, they popped into lots of the local shops which are feeling the strain of changes in local shopping habits. One of the key issues in Thame is the proposal to move the cattle market from the centre of town. Whilst all seem agreed that this is a good idea, there is much worry that the site will simply be occupied by one of the major supermarkets which will threaten local specialist shops.

Then it was back to the HQ to do media interviews and to chat to campaigners. Paddy joined in with the clerical work, stuffing letters going to undecided voters.

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