Sunday, 4 May 2008

Puzzling Tory tactics (2)

However Iain does provide something of interest - although I think it will come back to bite the Tories.

Crewe Conservative candidate Tim 'nice but dim' has written a snide letter to the new Labour candidate asking her to say what she thinks about a few current issues. His aim is to either force her to say she opposes Brown or to go against the perceived wishes of the people.

All very well, but it is a bit rich of the Tories to be seeking to criticise others on policies.

So I reckon Lib Dem candidate Elizabeth Shenton should join in the fun, writing to Tim NbD and asking him to justify his position on a few key issues. Let's show up the Tories for the policy vacuum that they are. After all, Tim NbD can't refuse to play a game that he started, can he?

UPDATE - In the comments, Iain has pointed out that as I have never met Edward Timpson I can't possibly know that he is nasty. I'm happy to take this on board and have re-phrased the original post accordingly as it doesn't affect the point I was making.


Iain Dale said...

Have you ever met Edward? I assume not. So to call him nasty and dim says more about you than it does about him. Dear oh dear. This by election is already threatening to get out of control when Mark Pack seeks to slag off his local credentials by pointing out that he ran the New York marathon. YeGods.

Alex said...

Thanks for the comment Iain. I take on board what you say and have rephrased accordingly. However, it ill behoves you to selectively quote from Mark's posting. He wasn't saying that Tim NbD is not local cos he ran the New York Marathon. He's saying Tim is not local because he isn't local. Simple as.

Iain Dale said...

Alex, thanks for that. But can we just agree that as both of our candidates live within spitting distance of the constituency they can describe themselves as local? This is a storm over nothing entirely created by a ludicrous post by Mark Pack. I think in your heart of hearts you know that.