Sunday, 4 May 2008

Announcing the Iain Dale Crewe sweepstakes

The Tory cheer-meister has started his usual by-election tactic of running rubbishing stories about the Conservatives' main opponents. You can read it here - if you must.

Readers will remember just how much he followed the party line during the Ealing by-election (only to get egg all over his face when the Tories came a humiliating third).

So I thought I would hold a little competition. Between now and polling day (22nd May, for anyone who doesn't know) just how many times will Iain run stories on the Crewe by-election which are blatantly pro-Tory or anti-Labour (or both). To qualify, the story must mention the Crewe by-election or one of its candidates and it must be overtly partisan. Double points are awarded for copying central office press releases word for word or for spreading a rumour which is just not true.

So there you go. For the fun of it. How many such stories will Iain run? Closing date for entries is a week today.


Iain Dale said...

My bet is 53.

Alex said...

You read it here first folks... Iain Dale is pledging to write an average of more than two blatantly partisan posts on the Crewe by-election every day from now until the 22nd

Mark Pack said...

Bloody hell. If Iain's going to write 53, how many will I end up writing :-))