Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Yo Cameron. Dave gets diggy wid it.

Eton and Oxbridge. Check
Investment Banking. Check
Tory MP for safe Oxfordshire seat. Check
Bayswater pad. Check
Wife called Samantha. Check
Street cred..... oops

'Dave' Cameron got dahn wiv da kids this am on the Today Prog. Ya get me.

Da man was rappin wiv Humps an that. An he fessed up to losin it wiv da PM. He said dat callin' him a 'Loser' was well OTT.

Said he still did a bit of 'punch and judy'. But he could 'andle it.

Da man played dahn his gang membership. Said da Bully Boys was not somefink he was prahd of.

Tell you what. This dude is well street.

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